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What's it Like to Workout with Jillian?!

Hey Everyone!
I am excited to write this post because I want to share my experience of meeting Jillian Michaels (JM) and my experience going on The Jillian Michaels Fitness and Wellness Cruise in October 2010. I apologize to my friends who have heard this already. I did talk about it a lot! :)

I have heard from others who were on the cruise that it was a life changing experience for them. I am not sure I would go as far as saying that for myself, BUT it did solidify my love and appreciation of fitness and of Jillian and "her world." Her world consists, of course, of high intensity exercise and eating organic, keeping things chemical free, and really caring for the well-being of her fans and followers. Basically, an all-around healthy approach to life. If you refer back to my first post, an integral part of my change was Jillian and her way of explaining and being a no-nonsense kind of person. I needed that to kick my butt into gear!

We arrived in Miami and had to wait in about 50 long lines to finally get on the actual ship, where we were greeted with another long line to wait to meet and take a picture with Jillian. This was the only line I was okay with waiting in :) I was a total nerd and didn't even talk to her! I just said 'Hi" and introduced myself. I was mad at myself for that! My mom on the other hand, got right up there, told her some secret and then Jillian looked at me dead in the eyes and mom wouldn't ever tell me what she said to her! No fair. Here is our fun picture!

Anyway, this cruise was packed full of exercise and four days of awesome activities, seminars, and speakers. We were able to hear from endocrinologist, Dr. Van Herle, train with Hollywood trainers Jeanette Jenkins, Marco Borges, Steve Lee (JM's trainer), and Basheerah Ahmad. Singer Michael Tolcher and DJ Frankie kept us hoppin'. Jillian also did three speaking engagements and the one we got tickets to was supposed to be on nutrition, but ended up being a fun Q&A session. We had team challenges throughout the time on the ship, and everyone got to participate in a beating, I mean a workout, with JM. :-)

(Pictured: JM speaking at our speaking engagement - we sat in the 3rd row! ;)

So, what's it like to workout with Jillian?

Imagine if you woke up to THIS every morning!
Yea, well that's what I woke up to the first morning of the cruise!

Check out the video below. It is just a taste of what she had us doing. Of course, we were the first workout of the weekend and the workouts just got worse and worse as the days progressed and Jillian got more creative! I am the one in the black tank top and blue underneath. My friend, Amanda, is the one to the left of me in the blue top.

Note: I apologize if my mom's video skillz make you seasick.

JM cracked me up during the workouts. She would dance and sing to the songs and stand on people all the time. The highlight of my trip came during my workout when she walked by and sat on my back during plank pose. I tried to buck her off but no such luck :) It was pretty cool, though.

It was a fantastic four days. I loved that everyone on the boat was there for the same reason. I was in my element and that is how I knew I loved fitness. Jillian is tough, but for a good reason. She wants change. She wants you to believe in yourself enough TO change. I also don't want someone to just throw some exercise at me and not push me or challenge me. I am not going to be a trainer who does that either. She doesn't yell ALL the time, and she is not as crazy as they portray her on Biggest Loser! :)

I hope that in reading this, you can imagine how finding a community of people who are after the same goals as you, really help motivate you, inspire you and encourage you. That's what this cruise was like for me, and that is what my community at the YMCA is like as well.
Jillian is planning another wellness weekend somewhere out west in May(ish) and I will definitely be updating you on that. I am excited to see her again and all the people I met on the cruise!

One last thing, if you are interested, click here to see the Shutterfly book I made about the cruise. I was able to show Jillian this in March when I also met her in Washington, D.C. She looooved it! As you can see by the expression on her face :)

That's all for now, folks! Happy Monday to you!


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