If you've ever wondered how many calories your body burns or needs to help you live your active life, here are a few calculators to help you do that. I will explain each one.

BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)
This will take certain measurements and put you in a range of whether you are underweight to obese. Don't take this too seriously, as it does NOT take into account how much muscle mass someone has. I would only use this as a gauge.

BMR Calculator  (Basil Metabolic Rate)
This one will measure how many calories your body burns during the day, without extra activity. If you laid in bed all day, this is the amount of calories your body burns. Therefore, you should be able to eat this amount of calories without gaining weight.

AMR Calculator (Active Metabolic Rate)
This one is a little more confusing. This one takes the BMR calculation and adds a step by multiplying how active you are during the day, or your activity level. NOTE: You will need to remember your BMR number and use the appropriate activity level on the site to calculate your daily caloric needs. This is how many calories your body needs for your activity level.