I thought I'd make this page about any fitness/nutrition questions that you might have. Just post under the comments section here and I will do my best to answer you personally, or if there are multiple questions about the same topic, I will do a post about it :) 

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  1. I have been making yogurt smoothies every morning for breakfast with nonfat vanilla yogurt and frozen fruit. Is this the healthiest way to do this? I am not sure if nonfat is as healthy as it sounds--it still tastes pretty sugary. I have tried the plain yogurt, but don't care for the taste. Also, do frozen fruits have the same health benefits as fresh fruit? Thanks!

  2. Hey Jenelle! Thanks for your questions :)
    Yes, frozen fruit is just as good and still has the nutrients that fresh fruit does. Generally, the fruit is picked and then frozen immediately so it will keep the nutrients. Now, in your smoothie, I would use plain or a vanilla greek yogurt with no more than 13g of sugar. I like Oikos greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has lots of protein and is thicker. It might take some time to get used to the taste. But in your smoothie, you can use milk or water, peanut butter or almond butter, and the yogurt and fruit. I use those ingredients in mine. Experiment with different things and see what you like, but yes, most yogurts have a lot of sugar. Don't worry about how much fat is in the yogurt (generally they do not have much anyway). Yum! :)